Court Mandated Recovery Services: Why They Work

12 May Court Mandated Recovery Services: Why They Work

When it comes to court-ordered alcohol abuse education, the process may feel like a punishment, but it can also become a period of great self-discovery. Harboring this mindset is one factor that makes a program effective. While some strategies are stronger than others, the best have a strong personable component added to the mix. Through various means of assessment, education and reflection, these recovery programs are designed to help prevent future altercations from occurring.

Long-Term Effectiveness of Court-Ordered AlcAlcohol and Drug Abuse Education Columbus Ohioohol Abuse Counseling and Education

There’s a reason municipal courts continue to issue mandatory education programs to alcohol-related offenders – when done correctly, they work! But what makes a program effective? The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism published an article on the subject and, while more definitive research must be done and further questions need answered, some factors were discovered to work universally, most prominently: the human touch.

Overall, the use of mandated education and treatment for alcohol-specific offenses modestly decreases the risk of a repeat offenders. Combine this with the legal pressure of a revoked license and you have a proven recipe for success. However, the study found that some umbrella programs produce more negative outcomes than if an offender were to receive zero treatment at all.

The key difference is the sense of evaluation and attention. When the program reaches an offender on a personal level, deeper-seeded issues are discovered and addressed, helping to target the problem at the foundation – not just deal with it temporarily in an over-arching manner.

What Crossroads Recovery Services Does For You

When it comes to substance and alcohol abuse counseling, Crossroads embraces the effective human nature facet of the equation. Our evaluation and assessment process allows us to get to know you on personal level. We sit down with you and discuss the circumstances of your offense. While the program has some legal weight to it, we want you to realize that we understand your situation. We’ve been around the block before. The Crossroads team will tailor the education program to your needs and particular situation to best prepare you for a future free of repeat offenses.