Anger Management Counseling & Education

Stress and Anger Management


Anger Management Courses and Education for Central OhioCrossroads Recovery Services offers its Anger Management program to anyone with problematic emotional control.


Started in 1998 by our own Jim Vassel, the end goal of this program is to help a person reduce the emotional feeling and physical provocation caused by anger. While eliminating all the anger triggers completely from your life is nearly impossible, avoiding them and learning to cope with the inevitable frustrating situations can be achieved – and that is what we strive to do for you. We want to give you control over your actions.


Friendly and Accepting Group Atmosphere


Participants in the eight-week program will join together with others for weekly group meetings. From here, Vassel will lead the group and focus on topics such as understanding anger, identifying the different anger styles and improving personal methods of coping with anger. This will be a period of self-reflection that will allow you to take a look at your life – your unique circumstances – and evaluate the different changes that need to be made to ensure personal success.


When the course is completed, you will have a clear understanding of anger and be able to identify your own. You will see the positive changes you’ve made and just exactly how they help you cope and express anger.


This course is available for both males and females.


Signs of Anger Management and Control Issues


  • Inability to leave a conflict without an outburst
  • Blindly losing emotional control in stressful situations
  • Unintentional blaming of others for your own stresses
  • Building sense of anxiety with no relief
  • Difficulty thinking during tense scenarios
  • Physically breaking or throwing objects during altercations


These are only some of the signs and symptoms of anger control issues. The team at Crossroads Recovery Services is specifically trained to look into each unique situation and identify all problematic behavior patterns. These symptoms are according to The Calm Clinic.


We, at Crossroads, are here for you. We want to meet you, learn where you are in life and provide the necessary tools for change that will give you an opportunity to make most beneficial choices. Whether you’re here on your own or on behalf of a court assignment, our team of professionals will help you in a dignified, professional manner.


We can help make this easier. Call us to get started.


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