Domestic Violence Counseling & Education

Emotional and Domestic Abuse Counseling

Domestic and Emotional Abuse Counseling and EducationFor those seeking domestic violence counseling, Crossroads Recovery’s affiliate Natashas House LLC offers their professional services. Their goal, as well as ours, is to guide you through the stages of education and self-reflection, zero in on the causes of prior incidents, and ultimately ensure no further offenses occur.


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Natasha’s House LLC Batterer’s Intervention / Intimate Partner program consists of:

  • A blend of Duluth/Emerge and Family Peace Initiative Education
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Understanding The Cycle of Violence
  • Identifying personal acts of violence and how to manage them
  • Personal accountability, self-awareness, positive personal growth and so much more

Signs and Symptoms of Domestic Violence

  • Continual use of insults or negative name-calling
  • Extreme acts of jealousy and possessiveness
  • Physically threatening acts, such as hitting, shoving or kicking
  • Blaming the victim after a violent outburst
  • Habitual insulting of a partner’s friends and family
  • Using a weapon to coerce or threaten a partner

These are just some of the signs surrounding domestic abuse. Crossroads specializes in identifying all problematic behavioral patterns and assessing your individual circumstance. These symptoms are according to the Mayo Clinic.

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