Marijuana Counseling & Education

Rehabilitation Through Education


Counseling and Education for Marijuana in Columbus, OhioDeveloped in 2000 by our own Jim Vassel, Crossroads offers its marijuana-specific program to those in need.


This 12-week program helps you identify the physical and psychological effects produced by the drug. It also focuses on the effects of marijuana on the mind, body and everyday life. We will help hone in on the drug’s effect on your finances, family life, legal standing, social life, health, work, education, mood, values and overall goals. Through marijuana counseling, the end objective for Crossroads is to prevent relapse for each client.


Marijuana Education Process


To pass through our evaluation, a client must complete a clean, random urine drug screening. He or she will also undergo an interview to answer questions regarding noticeable changes throughout the process, short-term goals that were met along the way and methods of completing his or her long-term goals outside of the program.


The majority of the clients in this sector are ordered by the court to complete the program, but we gladly welcome those who independently seek our services. In the beginning stages, many people do not believe they have an overt issue with drug use. However, after assessment, self-reflection and the completion of a modern curriculum, these people are able to identify their own problematic behavioral patterns and just what it takes to take their lives back.


Symptoms of Marijuana Abuse:


  • Spending a problematic amount of money to obtain the drug
  • Multiple failed attempts at quitting the use of marijuana
  • Not meeting obligations in both the professional and social sectors
  • Intense physical and mental urges to use the drug
  • Making sure you constantly have a steady supply of the drug
  • Physical and mental withdrawal symptoms when going extended periods of time without it


These are only some of the symptoms related to problematic marijuana use. Our team specializes in seeking out problematic behavioral patterns that relate to drug usage. These signs and symptoms come from the Mayo Clinic.


We, at Crossroads, promote positive and healthy change. We will do everything in our power to make sure you have tools in your toolbox and the direction you need to know how to use these resources to make decisions that are most beneficial for you.


We can help make this easier. Call us to get started.


At Crossroads, we are here to help you. We care. We listen. We understand. We will answer any questions about our services and the easy scheduling process to enroll in our programs. Call us to schedule an assessment or to quickly sign up for a program at 614-445-0352.


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