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07 Sep Paying the Price

What Is The True Cost of a DUI in Ohio? You might see the official penalty for a first-time DUI/OVI offense and think it doesn’t look too frightening, all things considered. It’s a cost no one wants to have to pay, of course, and it’s nowhere...

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19 May Beat the Heat: Top 6 Reasons to Avoid a Summer DUI

Summer weather is here and so are the multitudes of outdoor activities that come along with the sunshine – parties, barbecues, having a few drinks while playing some cornhole. However, with the higher temperatures comes the higher risk of getting pulled over and being cited...

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12 May Court Mandated Recovery Services: Why They Work

When it comes to court-ordered alcohol abuse education, the process may feel like a punishment, but it can also become a period of great self-discovery. Harboring this mindset is one factor that makes a program effective. While some strategies are stronger than others, the best...

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