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DUE TO THE STAY HOME ORDER put in place by Governor DeWine for the next 30 days,

Our Home Office, Driver Intervention Programs, and ALL CLASSES are now POSTPONED DUE TO THE COVID-19 THREAT. We are now going to be  re-evaluating  the situation on or about MAY 30th and determine when we can restart programming. For everyone already registered, we will reach out to you and reschedule you as soon as the authorities advise us that it is safe for us to have groups or large gatherings. Any updates that we get will be posted on our Facebook Page or on our Voicemail. If you are concerned about meeting deadlines imposed by the Court Systems and other Agencies that have shut down, please do not worry. All Agencies and Courts are being affected at this time. This is an unprecedented time for our Society , so please STAY SAFE AND CALM. We will all get through this if we work together! Thank you for your patience. 



Crossroads Recovery Services in Columbus Ohio
Court Ordered Counseling Programs & Assessments



 Crossroads Recovery Services is a full-service counseling agency with an expertise in alcohol and drug education and personal counseling services. We are located in Columbus, Ohio, where we offer a variety of programs conveniently during the week, weekend and evenings – including our Driver Intervention Program (DIP), held throughout Franklin County. We will help to make your situation easier, and get you moving forward in a positive direction.








Court Ordered Counseling, Your Decision to Move in a New Direction

Crossroads Recovery exists to help put you back on the right track and and move forward in a positive direction. Whether you’re coming to us on your own or to fulfill a court-ordered obligation, we will treat your unique case with discretion and respect. We help to fulfill court ordered obligations, and help with a road map to avoid unfortunate circumstance in the future.

Finding Real Solutions and Restoring Hope

Our mission is to offer individuals in need of our services access to the most effective resources and current models of treatment. Our delivery of care is based in time-tested practice and modern research. We pride ourselves on our core belief that each client should be treated with dignity and respect in every interaction and communication. Our services are tailored to coordinate with specialized requirements of various referral sources by providing real solutions with hope-filled, positive change.

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At Crossroads, we are here to help you. We care. We Listen. We understand. We will answer any questions about our services and the easy scheduling process to enroll in our programs. Call us to schedule an assessment or to quickly sign up for a program at 614-445-0352.


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