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Crossroads Recovery Services in Columbus Ohio
Court Ordered Counseling Programs & Assessments


 Crossroads Recovery Services is a full-service counseling agency with an expertise in alcohol and drug education and personal counseling services. We are located in Columbus, Ohio where we offer a variety of programs conveniently during the week, weekend and evenings, with our Driver Intervention Program (DIP) held throughout Franklin county. We will help to make this easier and move forward in a positive direction.



Counseling Services & Assessments


Our clinical team is backed with decades worth of experience handling cases involving alcohol and drug abuse (DIP), domestic violence (DV), batterer intervention programs, (BIP) and anger management.


We work with each client on a one-on-one basis to learn his or her history. With that information, we are able to identify problematic behavioral patterns and provide the correct resources necessary to make positive life changes. Click on the Learn More button below for a full list of services.


Full List of Counseling Services


Underage Drinking Program (UDP)


Our underage drinking program helps to counsel young adults from 18 to 20 to understand the dangers of alcohol abuse and to take a closer look at their alcohol use. At these young ages entering into adulthood, setting parameters of control are critical for establishing patterns for health and success.


These sessions are focused on helping to make better decisions throughout their lives with alcohol at a critical point of transition into adulthood and establishing good habits to last a lifetime.


Underage Drinking Program


Driver Intervention Program (DIP)


Crossroads is a Driver Intervention Program (DIP) provider. We can help fulfill court-ordered obligations for in-state and out-of-state DUI offenders. We also specialize in assessments and evaluation surrounding the services we provide. Crossroads can help you or the courts decide if counseling is needed.


Crossroads is based in Columbus Ohio, and offers DIP sessions throughout the state and Franklin County. Click here for a list of Driver Intervention Programs that are scheduled nearest to your location.


Driver Intervention Program - DIP






Court Ordered Counseling, Your Decision to Move in a New Direction



Crossroads Recovery exists to help put you back on the right track and and move forward in a positive direction. Whether you’re coming to us on your own or to fulfill a court-ordered obligation, we will treat your unique case with discretion and respect. We help to fulfill court ordered obligations, and help with a road map to avoid unfortunate circumstance in the future.




Finding Real Solutions and Restoring Hope


Our mission is to offer individuals in need of our services access to the most effective resources and current models of treatment. Our delivery of care is based in time-tested practice and modern research. We pride ourselves in our core belief that each client should be treated with dignity and respect in every interaction and communication. Our services are tailored to coordinate with specialized requirements of various referral sources by providing real solutions with hope-filled, positive change.




We can help make this easier. Call us to get started.


At Crossroads, we are here to help you. We care. We listen. We understand. We will answer any questions about our services and the easy scheduling process to enroll in our programs. Call us to schedule an assessment or to quickly sign up for a program at 614-445-0352.


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