Driver Intervention Program

Court Ordered Driver Intervention Program or DIP


Court Ordered Driver Intervention Program CounselingCrossroads Recovery Services specializes in providing support to DUI offenders, including the fulfillment of one’s court-assigned responsibilities.

We offer the 72-Hour Driver Intervention Program (DIP) certified by the State of Ohio. We directly work with out-of-state impaired driving referrals, as well. Our DIP is offered four times per month and we accommodate your program stay at a local hotel in Columbus and the Central Ohio area. Click the button below to find a DIP session in your area that works with your schedule.


DIP Program Schedule & Registration



How our Driver Intervention Program Works


At Crossroads, we understand how unfortunate things can happen and our focus is to help make it better as quickly and as easily as possible. By opting for a DIP in lieu of a minimum jail sentence, we make certain that you are welcomed into a respectable learning environment and all of your legal requirements are met by the end of your weekend stay. Our DIP programs occur within the city of Columbus and throughout Franklin County Ohio.


During your time in our program, we will help you discover your rationale and decision-making process that lead to the mistake in question. From there, we will educate you on alternatives to driving while impaired and the consequences of what could happen should an incident occur again. We exist to make your life easier. We strive to help you get back on the roads and onto a positive path.



Affordable Pricing for DIP Sessions



A $75 deposit is required to register for the program. However, you can cover the total cost when you register.  Reserve your spot online on the register page or contact us today at 614-445-0352 or by email at info@crossroadsrecovery.net. If you are unable to make the initial deposit, it is possible to make arrangements when you show up for your scheduled session by speaking with one of our scheduling representatives.


With the ultimate goal of keeping you and the streets safe, Crossroads looks to cut down on the number of criminal DUI cases through a personable and dignified approach to education.


We can help make this easier. Call us to get started.


At Crossroads, we are here to help you. We care. We listen. We understand. We will answer any questions about our services and the easy scheduling process to enroll in our programs. Call us to schedule an assessment or to quickly sign up for a program at 614-445-0352.


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