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Court Ordered Driver Intervention Education Columbus Ohio

Please Note:

You are only fully registered when you have completed the form AND are directed to a Thank You/Confirmation Page.

Ohio’s DIP curriculum includes:

  • Levels of license suspension and revocation
  • Fines and levels of incarceration
  • Treatment and self-help resources for alcohol and substance use disorders
  • Blood alcohol content (BAC), drugs and the definition of legal impairment
  • Symptoms of alcohol and other substance use disorders
  • The progressive nature of alcohol and substance dependence
  • Physical, psychological and social consequences of alcohol and other substance use
  • Physiological and psychological effects of alcohol and other substances on driving performance


• Please be aware that our 72-hour Driver Intervention Program, in accordance with the Sections 1547.99 and 4511.19 of the Ohio Revised Code, runs from Thursday evening (6PM) to Sunday evening (6PM). 




(Continue to scroll down for actual registration form. You ARE NOT registered successfully until you hit SUBMIT are redirected to a ‘Thank You For Registering’ page.)



III. En Español  debe hacer clic en el enlace AQUÍ para inscribirse en el programa de ESPAÑOL en Worthington. Esta NO es la forma correcta. https://www.ohio-dip.com/driver-intervention-program-dip/dip-registro-espanol/  

To register for DIP program, you must sign up for the Client Portal using the embedded form below. This is to ensure that your personal and payment information is secure, plus will also serve to give you access to required documents throughout the DIP program. Please ensure that you select the appropriate facility location in proximity to you. Thank you!


You can register for one of our DIP sessions completing one of the forms above
or call us to register by phone at 614-445-0352


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