DIP Schedule & Registration

Court Ordered Driver Intervention Education Columbus Ohio

Please Note:

You are only fully registered when you have completed the form AND are directed to a Thank You/Confirmation Page.

Ohio’s DIP curriculum includes:

  • Levels of license suspension and revocation
  • Fines and levels of incarceration
  • Treatment and self-help resources for alcohol and substance use disorders
  • Blood alcohol content (BAC), drugs and the definition of legal impairment
  • Symptoms of alcohol and other substance use disorders
  • The progressive nature of alcohol and substance dependence
  • Physical, psychological and social consequences of alcohol and other substance use
  • Physiological and psychological effects of alcohol and other substances on driving performance


• Please be aware that our 72-hour Driver Intervention Program, in accordance with the Sections 1547.99 and 4511.19 of the Ohio Revised Code, runs from Thursday evening (6PM) to Sunday evening (6PM). 



Grove City: 5/19-5/22,   5/26-5/29,  6/09-6/12,   6/16-6/19,   6/23-6/26 

Worthington: 5/19-5/22, 6/02-6/05,   6/09-6/12,   6/16-6/19,   6/23-6/26