DIP Schedule & Registration

Court Ordered Driver Intervention Education Columbus Ohio

Please Note:

You are only fully registered when you have completed the form AND are directed to a Thank You/Confirmation Page.







Obetz:  10/21-10/24   10/28-10/31   11/04-11/07   11/11-11/14   11/18-11/21   12/02-12/05   12/09-12/12   12/16-12/19

Worthington:  10/21-10/24 Call for Availability  10/28-10/31  11/04-11/07   11/11-11/14   11/18-11/21   12/02-12/05   12/09-12/12   12/16-12/19   

You can register for one of our DIP sessions completing one of the forms above
or call us to register by phone at 614-445-0352


Crossroads exists to serve you. We understand your situation. You made a mistake, but that doesn’t automatically make you a bad person. Even the best among us can do wrong. Let us give you the resources to make positive changes in your life and ensure you never repeat your mistake, while satisfying your legal obligations.

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